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Nature's Solution to Climate Change

Synechococcus are photosynthetic bacteria that house the most energy-efficient carbon capture mechanisms on the planet.

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Advancing the rate of carbon capture

Sunlight is the most abundant energy source on the planet, providing 3.4 exajoules of energy on planet earth each year - an amount equivalent to 7500X the world's annual energy consumption. Most of it is wasted.

CyanoCapture unlocks the untapped potential of an ancient biological system that has been doing carbon capture long before humans set foot on the planet. Applying the power of the latest tools in synthetic biology developed with the University of Oxford and University of Edinburgh, we absolve the need for sorbents, amines and heating to perform carbon capture. 

When untreated flue gas (3-15% CO2) is bubbled through our photobioreactor systems, CO2 can be quickly absorbed by the organisms and converted into biomass and biological substances of value - as desired by the client. 

The end-to-end process is a significantly more thermodynamically favourable method of removing CO2 from the carbon cycle that does not pose a competing threat to the world's electricity supply. 

"It's a new technology with the potential to reduce the energy consumption and cost of CO2 capture."  
VP - Carbon Capture & Storage,  Shell

A new class of Photobioreactor design

Inspired by nature. Low-cost, 'plug-and-play' photobioreactor systems that can be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world.

Complete modularisation of CyanoCapture's design allows easy scale-up and scale-down of carbon removal capacity tailored to the need of the emission site.

At the core of CyanoCapture's mission, is the belief that everyone in the world should be able to access clean energy. In order for the 940 million people living today in low-middle income countries without electricity to develop out of poverty, carbon capture must become a readily available tool that is accessible for all emission sites.

Our backers & partners

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