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Exploring Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage

BECCS harnesses the power of growing biomass, typically from sustainably managed woodland waste, which acts as a natural carbon sink by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Biomass is combusted to generate bioenergy and the emissions are captured using an integrated point-source CCS techology.

The Benefits Of Cyanobacterial Biomass

Biomass shortage

CyanoCapture can generate biomass with 50-80x less surface area than a mature forest.

Zero transportation

On site, all-year round production of biomass without the need to transport wood in trucks across hundreds of kilometres.

On site sequestration

CO2 emitted from biogenic emission sites can be sequestered directly without the need for CCS or pipelines connecting to expensive geological injection sites. CO2 can be captured in its dilute form and sequestered as biochar or graphite directly at the point of capture. This removes the need for currently used energy-intensive compression processes to produce liquified CO2.

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Carbon Negative Biomanufacturing

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