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Meet The Team

CyanoCapture's success is fueled by the passion and expertise of our dedicated team.  Meet the brilliant minds behind our groundbreaking low-energy carbon capture technology, all united by a shared mission to create a more sustainable future.


The Team Driving Innovation in Carbon Capture

David Kim

Dr David Kim


David Kim

Dr Nick Roesen

Chief Operations Officer

David Kim

Dr Stuart Reid

Chief Technology Officer

David Kim

Dr Uma Sagaram

Chief Scientific Officer

David Kim

Prof Alistair McCormick

Academic Collaborator

David Kim

Prof Harrison Steel

Advisor - Professor of Engineering, University of Oxford

David Kim

Dr Max Schubert

Advisor - former Postdoctorate - George Church Lab, Harvard University

David Kim

Dr Adrienne Kerley


David Kim

Dr Jose A.Moreno Cabezuelo

Molecular Biologist

David Kim

Pierce Bozeat

Synthetic Biologist

David Kim

Jane Harrowell

Research Scientist

David Kim

Joseph Frewin

Chemical Engineer

David Kim

Siggi Sigurdsson

Systems Engineer

David Kim

Harry Barnish

Software Engineer

David Kim

Daniel Rokadia

Engineer - Industrial Placement

David Kim

Kiran Gathani

Analyst - CDR Markets & Strategy

David Kim

Giriprashad Kannan

Mechanical Engineer

David Kim

Mikey Astbury

PhD Candidate - Prof. Alistair McCormick Lab, University of Edinburgh

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