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Exploring graphitisation

Spherical graphite has a current market value of $2500-12,000/T. The highest grade coated spherical graphite is used to make up 48% of the EV battery. Prices are projected to significantly increase in the next four years due to supply chain risks globally and increasing demand.

Why turn biomass into graphite?

Premium quality graphite from cyanobacterial biomass

Because of the high nitrogen composition and surface chemistry, cyanobacteria and algae when graphitised, can uniquely achieve the specific capacitance and Coulombic efficiencies above the threshold to make it suitable for use as EV battery graphite.

Permanent carbon removal

Graphite is the most inert form of carbon, boasting a durability of 100,000+ years. Each tonne of graphite produced contains the carbon atoms of 3.4 tonnes of sequestered CO2.

CO2 Emission Avoidance

14 tonnes of CO2 are currently produced from manufacturing each tonne of synthetic graphite by industry by the conventional methods across the supply chain. By displacing this highly emitting process, including mining, new positive externalities are gained.

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