Making scalable, affordable carbon capture a reality

Our mission is to provide affordable, scalable and clean carbon capture on an industrial scale.

By harnessing genetically modified cyanobacteria we be at the centre of the global roadmap towards achieving 'Net Zero' by 2050.

Sea ice

Climate change is a global priority

The global carbon crisis is the greatest threat to life the world faces. 


There has been mass global change due to increased carbon that has dramatically affected defences against the suns rays. Even with extreme action to rapidly cut emissions temperatures will still continue to rise.


Rather than prevention, we need to focus on solutions that reverse the damage by removing carbon from our atmosphere.

40 Bn

tonnes of CO2
emitted globally per year

Carbon capture isn't scalable

Some technologies are affordable, but are limited to <10,000T/year, and will not be able to scale in the time we have to get us to the volume of carbon removal we need by 2030 to stand a chance against climate change.

€90/ tonne

rising EU Carbon Tax Rate
(Mar 22) set to hit tax payers

Carbon capture isn't affordable

Expensive infrastructure and operating costs make today's carbon capture solutions unaffordable, costing far more than the rising EU carbon tax rate.


Businesses are forced to choose between what is ethical and what is cost effective.

No solution

exists today that can scale in time

Carbon capture isn't true

Some technologies produce more CO2 through their processes, and don't have a true solution for the storage and transportation of the bi products they produce.

Carbon gets captured and stored, but isn't being processed or dealt with.

The scale of the problem

The solution lies in nature

By harnessing the power of plants we have created a solution that will affordably process and transform the carbon 5X more efficiently than what occurs naturally.