Making scalable, affordable carbon capture a reality

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable, long term carbon capture on an industrial scale by harnessing genetically modified cyanobacteria. We envision a solution to be at the centre of the global roadmap towards achieving 'Net Zero' by 2050.

Climate Change is a Global Priority

Power, cement and steel industries generate over 3 billion tonnes of CO2 across Europe each year. With EU carbon tax rising to €50/tonne CO2 and set to increase further, deployment of carbon capture is more economically viable than ever before.

1-30 M

Tonnes of CO2 emitted
per power plant

€50/ t

Rising EU Carbon Tax Rate
(March 2021)

3 Bn

Tonnes of CO2
emitted annually (EU)

Our Business Model

CyanoCapture provides point-source carbon capture to power stations, cement factories and other emission sites. Our CCS technology costs industries less to capture each tonne of CO2 than the cost which would otherwise be paid in emission tax. We bury our excess biomass and bioproduct deep underground in approved geological facilities - qualifying us as true CCS. A 750m x 600m area CyanoCapture installation is estimated to be able to capture 0.10-0.15 million tonnes of CO2 each year for the adjacent power plant, saving up to 5.2 million Euros in tax. Our biological product facilitates the unique potential for rapid scale-up which current mechanical and chemical capture technologies fail to deliver. There are 3281 carbon-emitting power plants in operation across Europe (2020). Our vision is to provide over half of all major European emission sites with a CyanoCapture installation by 2040.


1 GT of CO2/ year worldwide by 2050

This is our end goal - the first company to achieve a gigatonne capture rate