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Scalable carbon capture technology.

The future of carbon capture is here. CyanoCapture's innovative technology brings the energy cost of capture to less than 400kWh/T CO2. 


Bringing affordable carbon capture

to emitting industries worldwide.

Bringing affordable carbon capture

to emitting industries worldwide.

Bringing affordable carbon capture to emitting industries worldwide.

Photosynthetic microbes produce 30-50% of all the oxygen in the world. What if we could control, engineer and upgrade photosynthesis to solve climate change?

CyanoCapture harnesses the power of synthetic biology to speed up CO2 fixation rates in robust fast-growing bacteria. These organisms are not only capable of consuming CO2 at unprecedented effiiciencies, but they can convert this into extractable high value compounds for multibillion dollar industries, at a fraction of the cost.

Our technology can decarbonise power stations, refineries, fermentation systems with dilute CO2 concentrations as low as 1% CO2 (v/v) with a breakthrough in energetic efficiency.

By generating useful compounds ranging from graphite to recombinant polypeptides, our system enables carbon capture to become a byproduct of an already profitable process.


Scalable Carbon Capture Technology

Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage

Making carbon capture a profitable process with co-benefits.


Sustainable carbonaceous compounds produced from biomass generated from sequestered CO2.

Carbon Negative


What if all the foods, vaccines, clothes and drugs could come from photosynthesis?

Our Innovation

Our Innovation


Harnessing the most powerful photosynthetic machines in nature

CyanoCapture's proprietary strains boast up to 3.5-fold improvement in CO2 fixation rates compared to the most commonly used microalgal strains used for CO2 capture and biofuel production. 

Global Sustainability

Turning bacteria into microscopic solar-powered factories


Synthetic biology has brought unprecedented improvements to our lives in the last century and solved some of the biggest global challenges. At the core of our philosophy is that biology is the best machine we have at our disposal. 

Fast-growing cyanobacteria act as powerful biological factories, capable assembling complex molecules from CO2. Using genetic engineering tools developed in-house, CyanoCapture's strains can be harnessed as a production platform for a suite of high value compounds from photosynthesis.


The future of sustainable materials

Biomass is converted into sustainable materials using a thermal carbonisation process. Biocrude oil, syngas and graphite are products that can be produced from our biomass - displacing the need for further fossil exploration.

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